Opera is food for the soul.

It creates emotion and touches upon our innermost feelings. At its best, opera can hold up a mirror to society. Opera invites us to approach rational thinking from a different perspective. It puts the notions of body, mind and soul in a totally different more organic and humanist constellation. Patrick Pype’s conviction in relation to this potential has offered him decisive insights into how to act in business. For him, the protagonists in the operas of Mozart, Verdi, Wagner, Puccini and so many other masters, are inspiring models of leadership. Their behaviour helps him to empower us to become more empathic, lucid, fair and inspirational leaders.

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The Book

The book zooms in on 8 leadership themes which successful leaders apply. These themes are explored based on personal experiences and fragments of opera. It shows you how opera can be a real inspiration for leadership and for managing your team, making decisions, understanding your customer and looking for another way to operate in your daily environment. The book is published by Amsterdam University Press and costs 24,99 Euro. You can order it by sending a mail to contact@patrickpype.eu.

The seminars

Seminars focus on a specific opera fragment and the respective leadership theme. Based on active interaction, it is explored how opera characters can be a mirror of the people in your business environment. It will allow the attendants to look at leadership and coaching in a complete different way by bringing mind (ratio) and heart (emotions) together in a stimulating way. The book also mentions 8 reference DVDs in which the interaction amongst the protagonists is performed in the best way. You can ask more info on seminars by sending a mail to contact@patrickpype.eu.

The author

Patrick Pype studied electronics engineering and had several key management positions at IMEC, Coware, Philips and NXP Semiconductors. He is currently leading a 50+ MEuro cooperation project with 150 people from 69 partners in 15 European countries. He is co-founder and treasurer of ATL Europe (Association of Transformational Leaders Europe). He is attending opera performances for more than 40 years in a.o. Brussels, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Paris, Baden-Baden and Bayreuth.

Patrick Pype

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